Chicken Assassin: Master of Humiliation – Alpha Demo

Chicken Assault

Chicken Assassin: Master of Humiliation is a retro-inspired, roleplaying clicker game where you play as Mean McAllister, a macho chicken on a quest to kick ass and eat corn niblets.

Chicken Assassin: Master of Humiliation take elements of roleplaying games (namely acquiring progressively stronger armour/weapons, selecting skill points, and levelling up your character) and smashes them together with clicker game mechanics, crafting an intriguing battle … Read More

Voice of Steel – Tech Demo

voice of steel

Voice of Steel is very cool next-generation fighting simulation game, that allows you to build, customise, teach and fight your very own Real Steel-style combat robot.

It’s an impressive game, with physics based movements/impacts and an in-depth building and customisation system – in which you can even choreograph your own moves.  This move creation system is an easy to use And extensive experience, with the … Read More

Beast’s Fury – Pre-Alpha Demo

Beasts fury

Beast’s Fury is a beautiful 2D fighting game inspired by Skullgirls and Street Fighter with anthropomorphic characters and some fantastic hand drawn animation.

This build is still VERY early in development, so the fighting systems are a little basic at the moment, but the real allure of Beast’s Fury is it’s aesthetics, with smooth hand drawn animations, interesting characters, and awesome soundtrack.  The full game … Read More

Paperbound – Alpha Demo

papercraft 1

Paperbound is a fast paced local multiplayer fighting game with cool gravity manipulation mechanics that’s set within the pages of old storybooks.

The game is in development from devs who have worked on Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Go Home Dinosaurs, and The Bourne Conspiracy.  It plays a little like Smash Bros, but with a wonderfully dark Tim Burton-esque visual style, paper-crafting themed … Read More