Parse The Sky – Game Jam Build Download

parse the sky

Parse The Sky is a beautiful yet simplistic, low-poly flight simulator built during the Ludum Dare 34 game jam.

As you glide around Parse The Sky’s serene skyscape, you’ll be tasked with collecting a series of ever-growing, slightly glowing orbs. Immediately upon loading up the game, we were struck by Parse The Sky‘s fantastic art direction. The use of color in the game … Read More

Loss Of Fluid – Game Jam Build Download

loss of fluid

Loss of Fluid is a tricky flight simulation game that challenges you to perform an emergency landing of a malfunctioning cargo plane.

Loss of Fluid picks up just as your plane’s hydraulic and fuel systems fail, causing you to lose control of your landing gear and ailerons and the plane to rapidly eject its remaining fuel reserves. In order to safely land the plane, you’ll … Read More