YOU LEFT ME – Game Jam Build

YOU LEFT ME is a beautiful and surreal hand drawn adventure that explores themes of loneliness and loss that as you find yourself trapped in a dream-like nighttime world.

In YOU LEFT ME you take on the role of a young woman who has forgotten something important and must remember what it was before she’s trapped in a surreal nighttime world forever. Your vision is … Read More

Radical Relocation – Game Jam Build Download

Radical Relocation is a tricky physics based puzzler that sees you attempting to stack all of your belongings on top of your car then drive them over to your new house.

Paying for movers to pack up and transport your belongings is expensive, so why not do it yourself? Radical Relocation tasks you with transporting all of your belongings on top of your car, without … Read More

Unaligned – Student Project Game Download

Unaligned is a beautiful a third person puzzle platforming adventure with metroidvania elements, in which you use your ability to phase between alternate worlds as you attempt to escape a mysterious temple.

In Unaligned you control a horned humanoid being who wakes up in a strange temple with a little fairy-like companion who tells you you need to escape. You companion is pretty helpful and … Read More

Railz: The Shooting Train Game – Student Project Download

Railz Game Download

Railz: The Shooting Train Game is an intense shoot em’ up that sees you balancing your energy consumption as you fight off waves of killer robots from an upgradeable high speed train.

Railz: The Shooting Train Game is a shooter in which you have no control of the movement of your vehicle as it hurtles along the track (although you can swap the carriages around). … Read More

Gerty – Beta Download


Gerty is a super tough resource mining Sci-Fi roguelike shooter in which you play a nameless clone sent on a quest to recover four lost relics.

In Gerty, players must mine through the fully destructible environments, collecting a resource known as ‘Juice’, defeating enemies, earning XP and upgrading their character with various abilities. There’s a nice selection of random upgrades that can be purchased … Read More