Throw it Down (to Earth) – Game Jam Build Download

Throw it Down (to Earth) is a funny little game where you use a laser pointer to help a cat do what they do best – knock objects onto the floor.

Created for the 2019 Epic MegaJam, Throw it Down (to Earth) is a simple and fun little game where you make a cat chase a laser pointer so that it knocks every object off … Read More

Spooktective – Game Jam Build

Spooktective is a charming little murder mystery adventure where you investigate a mansion filled with friendly(ish) ghosts as you search for a killer.

In Spooktective you step into the shoes of a paranormal detective who has been called out to a murder at an infamous haunted mansion that’s filled with ghosts. Thankfully for you the majority of the ghosts are friendly and are just in … Read More

Broken Reality – Steam Key Giveaway

We have 50 Broken Reality Steam Keys to giveaway to celebrate its release on Steam on November 29th, allowing players to delve into its wonderfully weird internet parody world.

We first featured Broken Reality on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago and were incredibly impressed by its vast 3D world that’s packed full of puzzles, quirky characters, secrets and silly easter eggs to discover. In … Read More

T-Rot The Last Probe – Student Project Game

T-Rot The Last Probe features a challenging fusion of third person shooting and mazing-style tower defense as you attempt to defend cargo ships from robotic invaders.

In T-Rot The Last Probe you control a little robot that’s tasked with defending cargo ships from invaders. You do have some firepower in the form of guns and rockets, but to stand a chance against the invaders you’ll … Read More

Trappist Landing – Student Project Game

Trappist Landing is a non-combative first person adventure in which you take on the role of an exobiologist who is the first person to document life on a beautiful, but deadly alien world.

In Trappist Landing you step into the space boots of Sara Mungnez, an exobiologist who is on an expedition to explore an alien world in the Trappist Solar System. After a rough … Read More