Decimate Drive – Alpha Sign Up

Decimate Drive is a frantic first person horror game set in a city that’s infested with killer vehicles.

Drawing inspiration from classic horror movies like Christine and Maximum Overdrive, Decimate Drive takes place in a city where vehicles have come to life and are murdering humans. You need to explore the city and find out what’s going on while avoiding an onslaught of SUVs, … Read More

Twin Peaks: Into The Night – Beta Demo

Twin Peaks: Into The Night is an incredible fan made Twin Peaks game that recreates David Lynch and Mark Frost’s classic series as a PS1 styled adventure!

In Twin Peaks: Into The Night you step into the shoes of Special Agent Dale Cooper as he investigates the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer in the uncanny town of Twin Peaks. The game has a Resident Read More

PISCIS x MACHINA – Game Jam Build Download

PISCIS x MACHINA is a lighthearted retro 3D platforming adventure where you are a fish who needs to assist a mech-piloting hero as he attempts to blast on evil moon.

Created for the Pompous Trash jam, in PISCIS x MACHINA you’re not the hero of the story – you’re just a humble NPC who’s tasked with finding Coherence Cores to power the hero’s mech. There … Read More

The Sunbear Conspiracy – Prototype

The Sunbear Conspiracy is a delightfully silly little game that pokes fun at the recent sun bear controversy as you dress up as a sun bear and pose for visitors to the zoo.

As you may be aware, there was recently a very funny news story regarding a sun bear in a Chinese zoo that looked a whole lot like a man in a bear … Read More

Rubber – Student Game Download

Rubber is a Crazy Taxi inspired open world driving game where you drive a taxi cab in a futuristic city of robots.

Created by a group of students from L’ESMA, Rubber is essentially Crazy Taxi in a city of robots. The gameplay is pretty similar to SEGA’s classic, with you picking up and dropping off your robotic customers as fast as possible before your time … Read More