The Notzing Project – Game Jam Build

The Notzing Project is a narrative driven first person Sci-Fi horror game with a time-travelling TV monster that you physically can’t look away from.

You start The Notzing Project alone in a room in a mysterious underground facility. Something has clearly gone wrong – the power is out, the facility is abandoned and there are TVs playing static everywhere. You piece together what happened by … Read More

Deleveled – Alpha Demo

Deleveled is a cleverly crafted physics based puzzle platformer where every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was a game jam prototype, the devs of Deleveled are now continuing to expand the game for a full release on Steam and Switch. It’s a simple looking but very inventive puzzle platformer where you simultaneously control two … Read More

Demon Burst – Game Jam Build

Demon Burst is a fun little game that delivers a very authentic old school arcade action platforming experience as you battle your way up a monster-filled tower.

While a lot of games look like retro arcade games nowadays, not many of them actually play like them. Step forward Demon Burst, a tower-climbing monster battling action platformer that plays as old school as it looks. … Read More

Soul Grinder – Game Jam Build

Soul Grinder is an addictive little game where you build and battle grotesque meat machines over the pits of Hell.

In Soul Grinder you create your own mechanical monstrosities by grabbing lumps of flesh and meat grinders and attaching them around your mechanical heart. To grow larger you’ll have to get more meat, which you do by battling other soul grinders. Rival soul grinders can … Read More

Down Ward – Beta Download

Down Ward is a beautiful and spooky pixel art puzzle platfomer where you control a little owl that ventures into the haunted wilds.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2015 when it was in Alpha, Down Ward follows the journey of Gable, a cute little owl who sets out to rekindle the ancient relics of a long abandoned civilization. In each … Read More