Killer Frequency – Game Jam Build

Killer Frequency is a fantastic little first person horror puzzle game that puts you in the role of a late night radio talk show host who attempts to give advice to various callers who are being stalked by a homicidal maniac.

In Killer Frequency you step into the shoes of a late night local radio talk show host whose town is in the process of … Read More

Stellar Survivor – Alpha Download

Stellar Survivor is a Sci-Fi FPS/Tower Defense hybrid where you mine crystals and build defenses to keep your powercore safe from waves of aliens.

In Stellar Survivor you are stranded on an alien planet and must defend the powercore which helps you survive from waves of alien attackers. You have access to an assault rifle, a shotgun and a sniper rifle, all of which have … Read More

Katanga: River of Souls – Student Game

Katanga: River of Souls is a very tense first person stealth horror puzzle adventure where a machine that can extract human souls has created a monster that’s running amok in colonial Congo.

Created by students of ISART DIGITAL, Katanga: River of Souls is a beautifully crafted and very atmospheric stealth horror adventure set in colonial Congo. You have been subject to an experiment which has … Read More

Escape from DIMANSION – Game Jam Build

Escape from DIMANSION is a creepy and cleverly crafted little point and click adventure where you shift around the rooms of the mansion you’re trapped in by slotting new rooms on the side of a scale model.

You start Escape from DIMANSION locked in a strange room with a talking book, two locked doors, two mysterious blocks and a scale model of a mansion. The … Read More

Karnage – Student Game

Karnage is a fun little vehicular combat game where you attempt to kill a rampaging kaiju with a car.

Created by students of ISART DIGITAL, Karnage puts you in control of a Twisted Metal-esque heavily armed vehicle and tasks you with slaying a deadly kaiju that you’re trapped in the arena with. Your vehicle is fairly nimble, heavily armored and comes equipped with an … Read More