BOMBASTIC – Beta Download

BOMBASTIC is a very well crafted pixel art puzzle platformer where you create chain reactions of explosions to clear all the orange blocks from each level.

Currently in development by NOWARE Games, BOMBASTIC is a puzzle platformer where you control a cute little orange bomb called Splodey who causes a small explosion each time he jumps. These explosions can be used to destroy orange blocks, … Read More

At Times Like These, There Is Only One Answer – Game Jam Build

Some games focus on story, giving you loads of dialogue options when it comes to responding to other characters in the game. At Times Like These, There is Only One Answer does what the title says and gives you just one answer to every question you are asked.

The twist? You can change the tone of what you are saying, making sentences sound very different … Read More

Dead Sector – Student Game Download

Dead Sector is a very impressive Dark Souls inspired third person Sci-Fi action adventure set in a dystopian future that’s dependent on mysterious energy cells to survive.

Created by a team of five students at HAW Hamburg, Dead Sector is a Souls-llike third person action game where you use an upgradeable plasma sword and an energy shield to fight your way through a dilapidated … Read More

Untarctica – Alpha Demo

Untarctica is a fast-paced non-linear action platforming adventure where you run, jump and shoot your way through a secret Sci-Fi lab, battling bosses and collecting cool new power-ups along the way.

In Untarctica you control a nimble little hero with a big gun who is on a mission to stop an evil cyborg from melting the ice caps of Antarctica with a heat factory. The … Read More

Color Bound – Game Jam Build Download

Color Bound is a beautifully drawn mini-metroidvania adventure where you help a little robot frog get his colors back and find his way home.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, Color Bound is a charming little open world metroidvania where you control a little robot frog who has lost his colors. These colors each represent a different skill, such as dashing and double-jumping, and you’ll need … Read More