The Blind Prophet – Kickstarter Demo

The Blind Prophet is a dark, bloody and stylish narrative driven point and click adventure where you take on the role of an apostle, sent on a mission by God to protect humans from the corruption of demons.

In The Blind Prophet you follow the story of Bartholomeus, an apostle who is on a divine mission to rid the world of the corruption of demons. … Read More

The Resistance – Game Jam Build

The Resistance is a clever little puzzle platformer where you work cooperatively with previous recordings of yourself to help a bunch of single use batteries reach the prophesied Land of Ohm.

In The Resistance you take control of a group of single use batteries who are fed up of being drained of their power then thanklessly tossed aside. They now seek refuge in the prophesied … Read More

Face Your Fate – Student Project Game

Face Your Fate is a spooky and surreal third person puzzle adventure where you possess freaky looking crab creatures and jellyfish spirits as you guide a man to face his final judgement.

In Face Your Fate you don’t play as the main character in the game. Instead you accompany him and help lead the way as he makes his way through the afterlife to receive … Read More

Levedad – Student Project Game

Levedad is a beautiful contemplative experience where you watch the world around you change as you sit atop your roof taking long exposure photographs.

You spend the entirety of Levedad on top of the roof of your apartment taking long exposure photographs of your surroundings. You can take pictures of anything you like, using different exposure times and different filters to get different results. You … Read More

Marshmellow Day Spa – Game Jam Build

Marshmellow Day Spa is a fun little puzzle platformer which sees you gathering ingredients and creating the perfect hot cocoa baths for the marshmallows that visit your spa.

In Marshmellow Day Spa you control a cute little marshmallow who is tasked with preparing the perfect hot cocoa spas for your squidgy marshmallow patrons. Creating the perfect spa bath has five steps which you have to … Read More