My Way – Downloadable Game

My Way is a wonderfully weird little action puzzle game with a hint of SUPERHOT, where you plot your route around your environment to dodge bullets and obliterate bad guys.

Created by seiko_dev, (creator of Gray Robo 0.0) for the 16th UE4 Petit Con, My Way is a fast, fun and very silly action puzzle game that follows a robotic superhero as he … Read More

From World 1, with Love – Game Jam Build Download

Memories and items from our past are a bit of a hard topic to understand and process. In From World 1, With Love, you start off in a perfectly created, polished pixelated world, being told about how the previous world – the first ever world – is currently being destroyed. And you are assigned to try and help anyone still left in this world.… Read More

Spooky Boi Advance – Game Jam Build Download

Spooky Boi Advance is a tense little multitasking WarioWare inspired horror game where you play microgames on your Game Boy-esque console while keeping an eye out for a monster that’s trying to sneak up on you.

Created for Scream Jam 2021, in Spooky Boi Advance you find yourself in your bedroom playing a spooky WarioWare style game on your “Spooky Boi Advance”. There … Read More

Brimstone – Game Jam Build Download

Brimstone is a clever little puzzle platformer where you are a piece of fire that burns and destroys parts of the level that it touches!

In each level of Brimstone your aim is to activate a certain number of altars and make it to the exit. However, when you touch any of the blue areas of the level then it starts a fire that rapidly … Read More

The Amazing Poopy Parker – Game Jam Build Download

The Amazing Poopy Parker is a hilarious physics-based Spider-Man parody where you use strings of poop to propel yourself through urban environments and beat bad guys.

Created for Ludum Dare 49, The Amazing Poopy Parker is a very silly and gloriously crude physics-based platformer where you use poop rather than spider-webs to fight crime. The ridiculous premise is that you were bitten by a radioactive … Read More