Beleth – Game Jam Build

Beleth is a very freaky little occult shooter where you blast your way through an audio-reactive soundscape that reacts in real-time with the soundtrack.

Created for the PIGSquad Summer Slow Jam, Beleth is a ritualistic audio-reactive shoot ‘em up that’s full of occult imagery from the Goetia Démonok. It only takes around five minutes to play through, but it’s a remarkable experience which feels a … Read More

Shapeless – Student Game

Shapeless is a beautiful little puzzle adventure where you help a little paint creature restore well known works of art to their former glory after being defaced by a crazy painter.

In Shapeless you control a creature that’s entirely made out of paint (aside from its head which is made out of a palette) and you venture into the workshop of a crazed painter who … Read More

Vestige – Student Game

Vestige is a short and stylish little top-down twin-stick shooter that requires precision and conservation of ammo to survive in its black and white sketch styled arena.

Created by students of Game Design at ICAN, Paris, Vestige is a fast paced five minute twin-stick shooter set in a black and white sketch styled world. Your character has three unique abilities (Shield, Dash and Shoot) which … Read More

Ascent – Game Jam Build

Ascent is a beautiful dreamlike first person platformer where you try to stay alive as long as possible by jumping up floating islands that are descending into a volcano.

In Ascent you find yourself trapped inside a weird volcano with a calming dreamlike world above you and a hellish fiery void below you. You are surrounded by floating islands that are slowly descending into the … Read More

ReScale – Student Game

ReScale is a fantastic third person puzzle platforming adventure that plays like a blend of Ant-Man and an Arthur C. Clarke Sci-Fi epic as you use your ability to shrink and grow to explore a mysterious alien temple.

In ReScale you take control of an astronaut who has been sent on a mission to investigate a mysterious alien temple found on the planet Kepler 186. … Read More