Kinoko – Student Game Download

Kinoko is a beautiful little chilled out third person adventure where a forest spirit helps clear the world of Winter, to usher in a new Spring.

Created by Thunderlime, a team of students from Dare Academy, in Kinoko you take control of a cute little forest spirit who is tasked with clearing the world of the remnants of winter to make way for Spring. To … Read More

Cursed Cursor – Game Jam Build Download

Cursed Cursor is an inventive little puzzler and you guide your mouse through tricky obstacle courses and you lose control of the cursor in different ways in differently colored areas.

In Cursed Cursor your aim in each level is to guide your cursor to the goal without hitting any hazards. This may sound fairly simple (and there are many browser games that have done similar … Read More

Contrast – Student Game Download

Contrast is a Portal-esque first person Sci-Fi adventure where you solve polarity and physics based puzzles while learning what it means to be human.

Created by students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, in Contrast you become a service android that has just been activated and must carry out a series of tests before you are ready to be released into the world. However, … Read More

Vecter – Beta Download

Vecter is a ridiculously cool and blisteringly fast retro synthwave wireframe survival racer where you attempt to stay alive and rack up the highest score to be the Top Dog on tracks that change every 24 hours.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was in Alpha last year, Vecter is a mesmerising survival racer that plays a little like Race the SunRead More

How To Make a Cup of Tea – Game Jam Build

How To Make a Cup of Tea is a surreal and oddly unsettling little experience where you seem to go insane while making cups of tea.

In How To Make a Cup of Tea you spend your time making a good old British cup of tea, then serving them to someone through a mysterious door. The steps for making a perfect cup of tea are … Read More