EVE Aether Wars – Tech Demo

EVE Aether Wars is an ambitious new space shooter from the makers of EVE Online, which aims to break the world record for the largest fight ever in a video game – with up to 10,000 players facing off in a massive battle.

The current Guinness World Record for “most concurrent players simultaneously involved in a single multiplayer PvP video game battle” was achieved … Read More

The MMI – Alpha Demo

The MMI is a dark psychological Sci-Fi horror adventure where you work in a mysterious facility called the “MMI” for the good of mankind.

In The MMI you take on the role of a man called Fred who has a little trouble remembering things and works at the Memorius Mining Institute (The MMI). Fred can’t even remember how to unlock his door without the aid … Read More

Silent Hill Remake – Concept Demo

Silent Hill Remake is a fantastic little fan made first person remake of beginning nightmare in the original Silent Hill game.

Silent Hill is now over 20 years old so it’s about time it received a remake. Konami don’t seem too interested in the franchise (the last main Silent Hill release was way back in 2012), but thankfully Zero Trace Operative has at least given … Read More

No Players Online – Game Jam build Download

No Players Online is a creepy little PS1 styled first person horror game set within the empty servers of a defunct Capture The Flag first person shooter.

In No Players Online you find a dusty old VHS tape with the words “Capture The Flag Project Footage 03.20/86” scrawled on it. After inserting it into a video player you find that it contains footage of an … Read More

Vecter – Alpha Download

Vecter is an eye-melting synthwave wireframe racer where you race to be Top Dog on tracks that change every 24 hours.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer in September when it was a prototype, Vecter is a super fast synthwave racer where you hurtle down a vast hazard-filled neon freeway and attempt to rack up as much points as possible before your inevitable demise. … Read More