Rengoku – Game Jam Build Download


Rengoku, a fast paced action arcade game made for the Indies vs Gamers Jam, as you keeping your your inner light alive.

You are trapped inside a single screen cave, with many platforms. In the middle of the cave there is a light, burning bright and lighting up the cave. When you, or enemies, go near this light, it starts to fade out, making … Read More

Tiny Avengers – Prototype Build

Tiny Avengers

Tiny Avengers is a charming old school beat-em-up featuring adorable mini versions of the Avengers, that could be something very special if the devs expand on it.

The current build is VERY basic, offering just a single screen, no audio, one character (Captain America) and waves of Autonomous Ultron Sentries to fight, but it does show a lot of promise.  The current build was created … Read More

Rising Thunder – Open Alpha

sing thunder game

Rising Thunder is a great new PC focused one-on-one fighter that we first covered when it was in Closed Alpha a few weeks ago.

It’s being developed by Radiant Entertainment in partnership with well-known Street Fighter expert Seth Killian and is focused on making fighting games easily accessible to newcomers while remaining fun for hardcore players.  To do this the devs have removed all … Read More

ICARUS.1 – Prototype Download


ICARUS.1 is a creepy first person sci-fi adventure set on a mining vessel that has been abandoned for decades.  There are rumors and conspiracy theories floating around about what actually happened on the ship, but all you know is that the cargo could make you very rich.

As you explore the eerily empty vessel you soon discover that the missing crew may have meddled with … Read More

Three Kings And The Cat – Alpha Download

three kings and a cat

Three Kings and the Cat is a charming and mildly supernatural point and click adventure in which you play a cat who must gather items for three very odd kings who can’t leave a greenhouse.

The kings may be unable to leave the greenhouse, but they do have some magical power which the bestow upon you, allowing you to bring animals back from the dead.  … Read More