Radiant Red – Game Jam Build Download

Radiant Red

Radiant Red is a fantastic first person melee/shooter game that blends SUPERHOT visuals and bullet time with Hotline Miami’s combat to create a beautiful ballet of guns, swords and blood.

Your aim in each level is to kill all the enemies without getting shot yourself.  To aid and guide you through this process, you have your trusty sword, able to slice through enemies with ease … Read More

Zeta Busters – Student Project Download

zeta blasters

Zeta Busters is a well crafted Anime-inspired game that pits your elite team of Zeta Busters against various robotic foe in isometric turn based combat.

You control a crack squad of Zeta Busters, four warriors who are out to stop Dr. Bellbotula’s evil plans, and defeat his army of Zeta’s.  Combat is similar to X-Com, with movement and action stages, but each character has … Read More

Charmixy: Witch Academy – Alpha Download


Charmixy: Witch Academy is a charming spell-binding puzzle combat game that pits players against each other in fast paced block dropping action.

Edelwhite Academy, a place full of witches, has many secrets and evils that lurk within. Through this spell-binding puzzler you can battle your friends and other classmates in a match-based game. You must match elemental blocks to expose blue hearts at the top … Read More

Her Majesty’s Apathy Bomb – Game Jam Build Download


Her Majesty’s Apathy Bomb is a wonderful homage to The Stanley Parable, in which you play a bomb maker delivering (or not delivering) an apathy bomb to an evil queen – depending on whether you listen to the narrator or not.

Much like The Stanley Parable there’s great fun to be had in ignoring the narrators instructions, straying off his desired story to comedic … Read More

Adventure Craft – Pre-Alpha Demo


Adventure Craft is a fun procedurally generated action RPG in which you scavenge, fight, craft and build in an attempt to survive in a dangerous wilderness.

It’s inspired The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft and Starbound, but has far more in common with Don’t Starve – with you attempting to scavenge and gather resources during the daytime, then fending off dangerous beasts during the … Read More