10 Minute Barbarian – Alpha Demo

10 minute barbarian game

10 Minute Barbarian is a highly addictive little strategy game that sees you amassing an army, taking part in epic battles and conquering kingdoms to defeat the demon lords of Thulak Kolom – all in about 10 minutes!

You travel the world map, recruiting troops from settlements and amassing an army to squash your foe.  When you encounter an enemy settlement, the game switches to … Read More

Block Party Sports – Alpha Demo

block party sports

Block Party Sports is a hilarious physics based sports game for one to four players, that see’s ridiculous rag doll sportsmen do battle across a variety of popular (and not so popular) sports.

The Alpha Demo features the Soccer gameplay mode, playable in single player, co-op, Vs and 4 player Vs.  You’re not going to get Fifa-levels of realism in Block Party Sports, … Read More

Amperage – Student Project Download

amperage game

Amperage is a unique electronic circuit-based puzzle game that tests your timing and your problem solving as you try to guide an electrical current from the source to the motor.

You control a small electrical charge, and must guide it through complex circuitboards while using precision timing to jump across nodes.  You only have a limited amount of charge, and will lose some every time … Read More

Cosmic Song – GameJam Build


Cosmic Song, a charming game made for the point and click jam, will have you exploring a strange land full of colorful dinosaurs who interact through song.

This cute point and click game has you controlling a dinosaur who has awoken with quite the fright when something falls from the sky. Now, you get to decide whether to check it out or explore the … Read More