Project CQB – Alpha Download

Project CQB

Project CQB (temporary title) is a cool slow motion semi-turn based tactics game that pits one squad against another in isometric battle zones where positioning and line of sight are critical.

The controls of Project CQB are pretty intuitive, simply trace the route you’d like your characters to go and use the small arrow in front of their marker to direct their aim.  The Alpha … Read More

Kuja – Alpha Demo

Kuja game

Kuja is a completely physics-based drunk fighting simulator, in the same vein as Gang Beasts, with jelly-legged drunkards partaking in slapstick fights to be the last man standing.

Kuja is stil very early in development (there’s not even any sound yet), but it’s shaping up nicely, with wonderfully chaotic fights, environmental destruction and lots of pick-up-and-useable weaponry.  The Alpha demo features single player, co-op … Read More

Brighter Day – Alpha Demo

brighter day

Brighter Day is a surreal stealth adventure that sees you attempting to escape a mental institute while avoiding huge disembodied eyeballs.

You wake up in a brightly colored hospital room, with some odd posters on the walls and some pills in the bathroom.  These pills will come in handy as you can throw them to distract the giant floating eyeballs which roam the corridors (not … Read More

The Last Sorrow – Prototype Download


Tooth and Claw Games has released an early version of their 2D action title: The Last Sorrow, which brings together excellent pixel art, addicting gameplay, and the first echos of an epic story.

From the start, the player begins as a prisoner in a lonely fortress filled with twisted wraith-like creatures absolutely bent on keeping the player there, whether as a captive or as … Read More

Mast – Beta Download

mast game 2

Mast is an innovative game that tasks you with creating a fully automated robotic fighting machine, building it out of components and even writing the AI code for how it behaves.

Building your fighting machine is fairly simple, just drag and drop from a selection of components, including drills, thrusters, gyroscopes and turrets.  Once you have your ships structure sorted out, you get down to … Read More