Reunition – Game Jam Build Download


Reunition is a 2D pixel-based horror game created for the Asylum Game Jam 2015 by Rage Monster Games. It sees you playing as a father searching for his lost son in a house of mirrors.

Reunition‘s gameplay is largely made up of one button press (outside of moving left and right) that actually turns your lamp off, plunging you into darkness. At first, you’ll … Read More

Sweet Home – Game Jam Build Download

sweet home

Sweet Home is a first person horror game by Space Octopus Studios, created for the Asylum Game Jam 2015. Set in Vermont in 1971, you play as a Alex, a young boy freshly moved into a new home with his mother. While she takes a shower, it’s your job to complete the short list of chores left for you on the fridge.

Take your boxes … Read More

Grimoire: Manastorm – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Grimoire Manastorm

Grimoire: Manastorm is a fun and fast paced multiplayer wizard shooter where players take control over six powerful customisable character classes and take part in intense battles with gameplay inspired by Quake, Skyrim, DOTA and Team Fortress.

The game is currently in Steam Early Access and features two game modes: Conquest (control point area control on larger maps) and Free-For-All (Deathmatch style on smaller … Read More

Carrots And Cream – Game Jam Build Download

carrots and cream

Carrots and Cream is a short and very strange game that makes the simple act of cooking into a rather dread filled and ultimately disgusting experience.

Atmosphere is everything in Carrots and Cream, the creepy audio and shaky video turn the otherwise mundane task of creating Carrots and Cream (don’t worry we’ve never heard of that particular dish either) into a tense and oddly … Read More

EpicFox – Game Jam Build


EpicFox is a charming retro mini-metroidvania platformer made for the October 2015 NES Game Jam, where you must collect new abilities to power up your little fox and beat the boss.

You are an adorable little fox. You live in a charming world full of slimes. It is your goal to find four new abilities and defeat the boss. These different abilities are dotted around … Read More