Trosor – Game Jame Build Download


Trosor, made for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam is a colourful platformer with some light shooting – except there aren’t any enemies.

Exploring the theme ‘Two Button Controls’ enforced by the Ludum Dare competition, Trosor sees you, the player navigating simple ‘get to the exit’ style levels using just two buttons – Jump, and Shoot.

When the player jumps, he jumps forwards. When … Read More

Seven Weeks Of Cat Monarchy – Game Jam Build Download

seven weeks of cat monarchy

Seven Weeks of Cat Monarchy is a funny cat-based adventure in which you have to cover for the Cat Monarch who’s gone on holiday for seven weeks, and must make important decisions in his absence.

Throughout your reign as Cat Monarch you have to listen to your subjects requests and decide whether to grant them their simple wishes or to deny them (often in hysterically … Read More

Who’s Your Daddy – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

whos your daddy

Who’s Your Daddy is a fabulous asymmetric multiplayer game we first covered a few weeks ago, in which one player controls a baby that’s determined to kill itself using a variety of household objects, while the other player controls the hapless father, running around after it, attempting to baby-proof the house and save his infant son from a premature demise.

The daddy attempts to … Read More

Happy Happy Krampusnacht – Game Jam Build Download

happy happy krampusnicht

Happy Happy Krampusnacht, a holiday platformer made for the Winter Wizard jam, has you playing the evil helper of Santa Claus and knocking out children with a stick then deciding what to do with the naughty and nice ones.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the naughty children at Christmas time? They go to work in Santa’s coal mine of course! You play … Read More

The Captain – Alpha Demo

the captain

The Captain is a wonderful pixel art point and click adventure with superb pixel art animation, a great soundtrack, intuitive puzzle design and a sense of humor that’s reminiscent of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

You play Captain Welmu – s space captain who was on a mission to mars when an anomaly transported him 100 light years away.  Even if your ship … Read More