Captain Reverso – Game Jam Build

captain reverso

Captain Reverso, a super tough trucking game made for the JS13K Games Jam 2015, has you attempting to reverse park truck trailers to save the world.

Captain Reverso, also known as Bob, is a truck driver! One day, he wakes up with a hangover to find that all the truck drivers in the world have disappeared. Now it is up to you to deliver … Read More

The Monster Files – Game Jam Build

The Monster Files

The Monster Files is a charming pixel art noir point and click murder mystery in which you play a detective sent out to solve three mysterious deaths which may be attributed to some hideous shape-shifting monsters.

It’s a fun game with great pixel art visuals and a quirky sense of humor that was created for Ludum Dare 33.  Taking just 10 minutes to play through, … Read More

Open The Door And Smile – Game Jam Build Download

Open The Door and Smile game

Open The Door and Smile is a short and surprisingly dark first person narrative that explores themes of broken relationships, drug use and custody battles.

You wake up in your apartment, with blurry vision and a text from your ex-partner saying that the police are on their way.  There are bottles of pills scattered around the house and you must dispose of them before they … Read More

Glitch – Alpha Download

Glitch game

Glitch is a fast paced futuristic racer that most resembles Zone Mode in WipEout HD, with you racing around infinite neon tracks, unable to slow down, but with an interesting ‘Invasion’ mechanic that sees other players invading your game and attempting to collect your bounty.

All the tracks in Glitch are procedurally generated, and you race around them at break-neck speeds, listening to a … Read More