Voice of Steel – Tech Demo

voice of steel

Voice of Steel is very cool next-generation fighting simulation game, that allows you to build, customise, teach and fight your very own Real Steel-style combat robot.

It’s an impressive game, with physics based movements/impacts and an in-depth building and customisation system – in which you can even choreograph your own moves.  This move creation system is an easy to use And extensive experience, with the … Read More

Death Touch – Game Jam Build Download

death touch

Death Touch is a super tough stealthy acton game inspired by DeadBolt and Gunpoint, in which you use your powers to teleport into enemies and make them explode.

The teleportation in Death Touch is remarkably easy and enjoyable, just point and click and instantly zip to that location.  It the specified location happens to be an enemy then you’ll teleport into them, causing them to … Read More

Does It Shoot? – Game Jam Build Download

does it shoot

Does It Shoot? is a fun pixel art puzzle action game in which you use interchangeable parts to create a wide variety of powerful weaponry to battle an alien menace.

Each weapon you create consists of three different parts – a stock an chamber and a barrel – you simply select which parts you want to use and set forth onto a battlefield to see … Read More

Dirty Hands – Open Beta

dirty hands game

How far would you go to find out the truth? Dirty Hands puts you in the role of a CIA interrogator who must discover the location of a terrorist bomb at all costs.

You have a variety of interrogation methods available to to you as you decide how to tackle your suspects.  You can use their personal information to find clues and possible avenues of … Read More

A Good Gardener – Game Jam Build Download

the good gardener

A Good Gardener, a relaxing and intriguing game made for the Ludum Dare 32, has you planting mysterious plants during a war.

A war is going on in the world. You have become a prisoner who must spend their days in solitude, planting strange seeds for the war effort. You are not told what these plants do or why you are planting them. A … Read More