Wyst – Game Jam Build Download


Wyst is a tricky low poly first person puzzler set on a mysterious floating island in which you must grow a magical tree high enough to help you escape.

Although graphically it’s very different, the puzzle design in Wyst is similar to Myst.  There are no objectives laid out for you, you simply have to experiment with the panels scattered across the island and … Read More

Grim Fantasy – Game Jam Build Download

Grim Fantasy

Grim Fantasy, a miniLD #63 game, is an addictive dungeon crawler that has you completing quests for the good of the town.

It’s a challenging game, in which you attempt to become the hero of the town. The townsfolk have lost different things in the local caves, due to some strange curse. They look for you, the only person with a sword, to help … Read More

Romance Choice – Game Jam Build Download

Romance Choice

Romance Choice is a short and strange, 4th wall breaking dating simulator with a surprising amount of emotion and some very clever twists.

We’d REALLY recommend playing the game first before reading on as the following text will contain spoilers!

Created for Ludlum Dare 34, Romance Choice is played entirely with two buttons. You use these buttons initially to select what your date looks like … Read More

Thunder League – Pre-Alpha Demo

thunder league

Thunder League is a fast and frantic top-down multiplayer (currently local only) arena combat game where you and other players compete as powerful vikings, with an aim of gathering up enough speed to achieve a one hit kill against each other.

The idea of the game is that you need to get more speed/momentum compared to your opponent to get that one hit kill. You … Read More

Mobsferatu – Game Jam Build Download


Mobsferatu, a 3D two button platformer made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you gathering a mob and scaling a tower to take on Nosferatu!

You are the leader of a mob looking to run Nosferatu out of his tower. As you climb through the tower, you are able to jump to higher floors and get closer to the top. Villagers are trapped all … Read More