Trick Parade – Game Jam Build Download

Trick Parade

Trick Parade, a charming RPG game made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you scaring other kids using a fun Wario Ware-esque combat system on your quest to scare the schoolyard bully.

It is Halloween, a time for frightening… or being frightened. This year, you have decided you had enough of getting pranked and scared by older kids. You wish to take your … Read More

Shoppy Mart – Steam Key Giveaway

shoppy mart

Shoppy Mart is a fun-filled game that we first featured in February, in which you get to do one of the most soul-crushing jobs imaginable – being a cashier at your local supermarket.

Thankfully the gameplay is far more fun than the real-life job thanks to Shoppy Mart‘s charming art style and great sense of humor.  Each day with you’re tasked with greeting … Read More

Golden Rush – Beta Download + Free Bonus Code (Steam)

Golden Rush

Golden Rush is an innovative fantasy MOBA which shakes up the genre a bit with four teams battling each other, slaying dragons and monsters, looting and stealing gold with one single goal – amass the most wealth.

There are heroes, towers and monsters, but there are no creeps, nexus, lines or woods in Golden Rush. The main goal is wealth – players can harvest it … Read More

Michael E Michael – Game Jam Build Download

Michael E Michael

Michael E Michael pits two Michael Jacksons against each other in intense one-on-one Michael Vs Michael moonwalking arena battles armed only with your fists, your lasers and your dance moves.

Using the charming isometric pixel art visual style from the classic Moonwalker game, Michael E Michael is packed with fun MJ soundbytes and cool special moves.  Gameplay is set in an isometric arena with just … Read More