Unwelcome Presence – Game Jam Build Download

Unwelcome Presence

Unwelcome Presence is a stylish, silhouetted Dark Souls-ian 3rd person action adventure in which you play an uninvited guest in an ancient land.

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, combat and game structure is remarkably similar to Dark Souls (albeit in a more condensed form).  You have a heavy attack, a light attack and a defensive roll which you must use wisely as your stamina … Read More

Investigator & the Case of the Red Herring – Game Jam Build

Investigator and the Case of the Red Herring

Investigator and the Case of the Red Herring, a point and click mystery made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you trying to figure out who killed the Sunken Skunk!

In this charming game, you must investigate a Skunk who washed up on shore, dead. Your trusty Trauma Lama at your side, you must investigate the body as well as the environment. You will … Read More

Tiny Mighty – Open Beta

tiny mighty beta

Tiny Mighty is a new MMORPG that we’re amazed has got past Marvel’s lawyers, with it’s adorable (but surely copyright infringing) super-cute versions of the comic book giants super heroes.

The characters in Tiny Mighty do have slightly different names from the Marvel originals, so you end up with characters called ‘Rabid Racoon’, ‘Black Spider’, The Hunk’, ‘Human Fire’, ‘Magnet Man’ and ‘The Archer’ among many the … Read More

Cloudbase Prime – Alpha Build Download

Cloudbase Prime

Cloudbase Prime is an excellent first person platformer/shooter that we first featured over a year ago, in which you control a mining robot with a genuinely funny AI companion and a nifty ability to rapidly shift ground tiles – propelling anything standing on-top (including you) of them way up into the air.

The latest Alpha build of Cloudbase Prime has just been released, and … Read More

A Crown Of My Own – Game Jam Build

A cRown Of My Own

A Crown Of My Own, a charming point and click made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you experimenting with different ingredients to craft a crown for your own monster kingdom!

You are a monster who has been thrown out of a castle. The king decided that monsters did not belong on his kingdom. You have decided to start your own monster loving kingdom … Read More