Dead Man’s Volley – Game Jam Build Download

Dead Mans Volley

Dead Man’s Volley, a super tough Pong Hybrid made for the Ludum Dare 34, challenges you to a musical showdown!

In Dead Man’s Volley you must dodge red bullets and bounce back balls in order to obliterate your opponent. There are three main bosses, each of increasing difficulty. Each boss has their own soundtrack, which your character will bob too. The bosses open by … Read More

Operation Fungus – Alpha Download

Operation Fungus

Operation Fungus, a game being created by Jani Nykänen, is a fast paced, adrenaline filled Shmup’ with an essence of nostalgic presence due to its bright and colourful 8-bit game design.

The game handles like your typical shoot-em-up, giving you the choices between both keyboard and mouse or gamepad (both have plus and minuses) and the difficulty will have you pulling you hair out … Read More

From the Sea, Freedom – Game Jam Build

from the sea freedom 1

From the Sea, Freedom is a meditative swimming simulator made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam where you must explore the flora and fauna of a coral reef.

From the Sea, Freedom is intended to be a very relaxing experience. There is no timer, no risk of death. There is just you, the ocean, and some fish. As you swim by … Read More

Isoid – Game Jam Build


Isoid, a retro game made for the MiniLD #63, is a very cool isometric metroidvania inspired by Solstice, Knight Lore, Alien 8 and Metroid.

Much like any good metroidvania, you must explore the world and unlock new abilities which will aid your progress.  You start off with very limited abilities, but you’ll encounter strange totems which hold jewels that will allow you … Read More

Spinster: A Cat Lady Game – Alpha Demo

Spinster a cat lady game

Spinster: A Cat Lady Game is a very silly blend of Snake, mad old cat ladies and terrible puns in which you attempt to find all the cats in the small town of Downtown Tabby.

The gameplay in Spinster: A Cat Lady Game will be immediately familiar to anyone who’s played Snake – simply avoid objects and collect cats to grow a long trail … Read More