Fathom – Game Jam Build


Fathom, an impressive action platformer made for the Ludum Dare 32, has you bending time and bullets.

You play as a small robot who is able to control time, but is a prisoner, looking to escape a world full of bullet firing turrets. Seeking freedom, the only power you have to rely on is the ability to slow down time, almost to a halt. … Read More

Udom Nebdon – Game Jam Build

udom nebdon

Udom Nebdon, a game made for the Ludum Dare 32, has you exploring a mysterious castle full of grotesque monsters armed only with a mirror.

You play as a wizardy looking character with only a mirror to defend yourself with. As you walk around the dark castle, you must search for shafts of light and use them to your advantage. Watch out, as monsters … Read More

Suspicious Minds – Prototype Download

suspicious minds

Suspicious Minds is a simple but incredibly tense game that feeds on your paranoia as you stand in the middle of a crowd deciding who’s trying to kill you and who isn’t.

You character stands in the centre of the screen, unable to move, but able to aim his gun with deadly precision.  The problem is trying to find out who want’s to kill you … Read More

Stellar Wanderer – Game Jam Build Download

stellar wanderer

Stellar Wanderer is is a fun FTL-esque adventure that see’s you piloting your ship across a strange galaxy, exploring planets, meeting alien life forms  and making discoveries that can be advantageous or deadly.

You roam around the galaxy with direct control of your ship, then disembark on planets to see it there’s anything useful for your cause.  Each planet usually has one or two landmarks … Read More

BLOODRUSH – Alpha Demo


Ever played Super Meat Boy and thought ‘hmm this is just too easy’?  Don’t fear BLOODRUSH is here!  A super tough 2D action platformer that’s controlled entirely via your mouse!

The mouse based control system works remarkably well (once mastered), with you able to run, jump and wall jump at any angle you desire.  You start each level with 10 seconds on the clock, if … Read More