Clouds Below – Prototype Download

Clouds Below

Clouds Below is a beautiful third person adventure puzzle platformer where you play a little boy who flies from mountain top to mountain top, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles to clear the skies and uncover new vistas.

Your objective in Clouds Below is to collect feathers that have fallen from a huge bird.  Along the way you’ll find and use mechanisms, tools and solve puzzles … Read More

Amirelia – Alpha Demo


Amirelia is a beautiful explorative puzzler with strong themes of friendship and co-operation, in which players control two characters that work together, exploring, solving puzzles and forming a bond between each other.

Played with two players locally (or one player, using a Brothers-style control scheme), you experiment and play with the environment in a variety of ways.  As you interact with each other and progress, … Read More

theWanderer – Prototype Download


theWanderer is a beautiful NaisanceE-inspired exploration game in which you explore visions of huge sci-fi mega-structures and an alien world as you dip in and out of consciousness.

NaisanceE certainly has some talented fans, this is the second of the games we’ve featured recently that’s drawn inspiration from it (the first being VoyageE).  The architecture may not be quite as visually striking as … Read More

Army Of Pixels – Beta Download

Army of Pixels

Army of Pixels is a charming and addictive blend of tower defense and strategy in which you purchase and place units then send them into battle, attempting to lay waste to your opponents units and towers and claim victory.

The lane based nature draws some favourable comparisons to Plants vs Zombies, but Army of Pixels is far more offence orientated.  You start each level … Read More

VRX.exe – Game Jam Build Download

VRXexe game

VRX.exe, a Binding of Isaac-esque endless dungeon crawler reminiscent made for the MiniLD #60, has you cleaning viruses off of people’s computers.

You and your dad own a computer repair business. One of your shop’s specialties is removing viruses from infected computers. Most of the computers that come in do have a virus removal program, it just needs a little bit of help. … Read More