Farfalle OS – Game Jam Build

Farfalle OS is a clever little metagame that sees you using a pasta-based operating system to help get that latest build of Magical Spaghetti Girl into production.

Farfalle OS is played entirely via a text based Farfalle operating system. The Farfalle OS is similar to Windows, but its DOS-style terminal uses commands that all have something to do with pasta – so you’ll type commands … Read More

Super Science Friends: The Video Game – Prototype Download

Super Science Friends: The Video Game is a funny and beautifully animated side scrolling beat ‘em up in which Einstein, Darwin, Marie Curie, Tesla, Sigmund Freud and Taputti take on Hitler’s time travelling army of super villains!

Based on the popular YouTube animated series of the same name, Super Science Friends: The Video Game sees your band of super powered scientists taking on Hitler and … Read More

Penny Blue Finds a Clue – Student Project Download

Penny Blue Finds a Clue Game Download

Penny Blue Finds a Clue blends first person exploration with point and click adventure-style puzzles as you attempt to get to the bottom of a very curious case of murder most deadly.

In Penny Blue Finds a Clue you take on the role of Penny Blue’s assistant who seems to have to do all the actual detective work for Penny while she just stands nonchalantly … Read More

Phase – Game Jam Build Download

Phase game

Phase, a cleverly crafted room shifting puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you trying to make your way out of your locked room by phasing between different dimensions!

In Phase you play a kid just trying to leave their room to play with their friend, however the door is locked. There is no way to unlock the door, so you must instead find … Read More

Murdering – Game Jam Build Download


Murdering, a macabre game made for the Community Jam 2015, has you leading a flock of crows to food, and these birds aren’t interested in eating seeds!

In this challenging game, you play as a group of crows; also called a murder. Your murder is quite hungry. You must locate some prey. Once you have found a person, the next issue is with killing … Read More