Comic Crossover – Student Project Game

Comic Crossover is a quirky puzzle platforming action adventure that sees you exploring two comic book-based worlds that have become overrun by inky black slimes.

In Comic Crossover you take control of a young boy named Hiro, who is the main character in a comic book called ‘Dreamers’. His comic book village is a cheerful place, but a strange man haunts his dreams and inky … Read More

E-Ro – Student Project Game

E-Ro is a 2.5D puzzle platformer that puts you in control of an agile little time travelling robot who uses stealth and traps to assassinate targets.

E-Ro feels a lot like a 2.5D Assassins Creed game, with you using stealth an poison to make your way through the game world. You control a little time-travelling robot, and after completing a short tutorial stage, you are … Read More

Others – Game Jam Build

Others is a very stylish low rez first person exploration game that sees you trapped in a falling cycle.

Taking just a few minutes to play through, Others is a short interactive experience that’s all about style and mood. The resolution of just 64×64 was a requirement for the low rez game jam it was created for but it really fits well with the mysterious … Read More

Kasa – Student Project Game

Kasa is a stylish third person action platforming adventure that sees you beating up strange mechanical beasts and floating around with your umbrella like an ass-kicking ninja Mary Poppins.

In Kasa you take on the role of Cassandra, a young woman trained in the Umbrella Arts (which basically means you can kick ass with an umbrella and use it to float across large distances). Four … Read More

The Empty City – Game Jam Build

The Empty City is an atmospheric PS1-era styled narrative experience that sees a solitary figure exploring a long dead city.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, The Empty City starts with a lone figure on a clifftop overlooking the remains of an empty city. You grab a flower and place it in a huge stack of them that are sitting at the city wall, … Read More