Skyward – Game Jam Build

Skyward is challenging Unreal Engine 4 powered physics based platformer in which you use a ball’s transforming abilities to help guide it through nine cleverly crafted levels.

Skyward is a ball rolling platformer akin to Super Monkey Ball or Marble Madness, but with one big difference – you have the ability to transform into different shapes with different abilities that can help you make … Read More

Stuffed – Student Project Game

Stuffed is an adorable little 3D platforming adventure in which you help a cute little stuffed teddy bear rescue his friends from an evil wizard puppet.

In Stuffed you take control of a teddy bear who must make his way through a dangerous toy world and defeat a puppet wizard who has kidnapped his two best friends – a stuffed lion and a stuffed eagle. … Read More

Minimalist Art Club – Game Jam Build

Minimalist Art Club is a funny first person puzzle adventure that sees you visiting a strange art gallery, meeting quirky characters and uncovering some very cool easter eggs.

In Minimalist Art Club you decide to join an art club and when you get there you’re greeted by three rather pretentious art aficionados who promptly send you off in search of refreshments. The vending machine is … Read More

Late for Love – Game Jam Build

Late for Love, a narrative driven driving dating game made for the Ludum Dare 41, has you trying to reconnect with old friend as you drive to their wedding.

A childhood friend of yours is getting married today. You’ve reconnected after a long time apart and now are driving her off to her wedding. It has been ages since you both last connected – … Read More

Alluvium – Game Jam Build

Alluvium is an intense, madness-fuelled pulp thriller point and click adventure that sees you fighting for your life after being shipwrecked on an island.

In Alluvium you find yourself alone on a desert island with only your wits and the remains of your wrecked airplane to keep you alive. You’ve got a source of fresh water, but food is in short supply and the local … Read More