Phobophia – GameJam Build


Phobophobia, a game made for the Indies vs Pewdiepie Jam, tasks you with figuring out peoples fears and freaking them out.

Everyone is afraid of something, whether it be spiders, computers, or even outer space.  It is your job to figure out who has what fear at a party you have been invited too. By picking up objects, you can take them to people … Read More “Phobophia – GameJam Build”

TorqueL – Prototype Download (Steam)


TorqueL is a 2D action platformer where the player must move and manipulate a cube to progress using a fun QWOP-like control scheme that makes various colored protuberances jut out to aid (or quite ofter impede) your progress.

Coming to PS4, PS Vita and PC, TorqueL has a rather odd and enjoyable QWOP-like control scheme, that allows you to roll your character using the arrow … Read More “TorqueL – Prototype Download (Steam)”


Estranged is a great looking adventure horror FPS Mod based on the Half Life 2 Source SDK.  It tells the story of a lone fisherman, whose ship is stranded on a mysterious island during a violent storm.  This is the first act of 3, with each act lasting around 1 to 2 hours.  Throughout the game, you’ll talk to the strange locals, solve physics based … Read More “ESTRANGED ACT 1, OPEN BETA”