Wake Up – Game Jam Build

Wake Up takes some very interesting twists as you solve puzzles and avoid monsters in a retro low poly dreamworld that draws inspiration from Twin Peaks, Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Harkening back to the glory days of survival horror, with fixed camera angles and tank controls, Wake Up sees you sees you trying to navigate in a bizarre PS1-era styled nightmarish dream … Read More “Wake Up – Game Jam Build”

Sphysics – Game Jam Build

Sphysics is a super tough physics based platformer that sees you rotating the levels to guide a ball through 15 hazard filled levels (and 2 near-impossible bonus ones).

Sphysics plays a little like the bonus levels of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, with you controlling the movement of the ball by rotating the game world rather than having direct control of the ball itself. … Read More “Sphysics – Game Jam Build”

Second Scholar – Student Project Game

Second Scholar is a tricky Sokoban-style grid-based puzzler in which time moves forward when you move up and right, but reverses when you move down and left.

In Second Scholar you control a little spirit which has been sent on a quest to help the Jade Emperor. This quest involves solving a series of Sokoban style puzzles i which your movements can affect time. There … Read More “Second Scholar – Student Project Game”

Heraclos – Student Project Game

Heraclos is a short and funny third person puzzle platforming adventure that sees you taking an unwilling hero on a quest bestowed upon him by a god (whether he likes it or not).

In Heraclos you take on the role of a young boy who trips over a buried amphora on his way back home. It turns out that this is no ordinary amphora and … Read More “Heraclos – Student Project Game”

Dragon Crisis – Student Project Game

Dragon Crisis is a fun blend of Snake and shoot ‘em up action as you control a mechanical dragon that you can extend with a variety of different turret sections.

In Dragon Crisis you pilot a serpentine mechanical dragon that roams an asteroid field. You have to fend off increasingly tough waves of spaceships and bosses using the turrets attached to your modular body. As … Read More “Dragon Crisis – Student Project Game”