Spacewrights – Alpha Demo


Spacewrights is a tactical sci-fi 2D spaceship simulation game in a similar vein as FTL, where you explore, build, and create a galactic empire, with multiple highly customisable ships.

The Alpha Demo is very much like FTL, featuring the games endless ‘Survival mode’, which sees you trying to survive for as long as possible against a random array of enemy ships.  As you … Read More

Zpocalypse: Survival – Pre-Alpha Download


Zpocalypse: Survival is an isometric sandbox rogue-lite strategic survival game based on the popular Zpocalypse board games where you manage a group of survivors in a post-nuclear zombie apocalypse.  Zpocalypse: Survival features 3D procedurally generated worlds, Rogue-lite elements, an XCOM-Style permadeath system, Day/Night cycles and base building, management and defence.

Character movement is controlled through a Diablo-Style point & click system, your job is to … Read More


Shattered Planet is a great looking survival-exploration RPG for tablet and PC that’s set for release next month.

It’s a turn-based RPG with randomly generated levels and lots of powerful items to find.  Shattered Planet has a great isometric art style, similar to Bastion, and it’s influenced by some great recent Roguelikes, such as Rogue Legacy and FTL as well as classics like Rogue and … Read More