Deff – Alpha Download

Deff is a fast paced puzzle action platforming adventure that sees you taking control of a wheelchair-bound Death as he sets out for revenge against those who tried to kill him.

We first featured Deff on Alpha Beta Gamer last year when it was a game jam prototype and were very impressed with it’s fun narrative, challenging gameplay and clever level design. The new … Read More

Hyss – Alpha Demo

Hyss is a charming dual character fantasy puzzle platforming adventure in which a little gnome and a big troll team up to help save cows that are stuck in fairy puzzle traps.

After the Cow Queen accidentally sat on a fairy, the fairies have declared war on the poor cows, abducting them and trapping them inside cleverly designed puzzles that cannot be solved by just … Read More

Griefhelm – Alpha Download

Griefhelm is a stylish Nidhogg inspired duelling game with a Mount & Blade-esque combat system, which allows you to attack and parry from three different directions.

Playable in single player against AI or with up to four people in multiplayer, Griefhelm takes Nidhogg’s tug-of-war duelling and adds a more realistic melee-focused combat system. You can perform three different types of attack by holding … Read More

Mist Hunter – Alpha Demo

Mist Hunter is an incredibly fast paced first person shooter with fluid character movement and a nice selection of magic-based weapons that you use to take out hordes of freaky monsters.

The full game of Mist Hunter will feature a selection of different game modes and a campaign that sees you travelling across the universe to battle an evil warlock and his evil minions. The … Read More

Bitter Tides – Alpha Demo

Bitter Tides is a surreal psychological horror game with puzzle and stealth elements that sees you trying to piece together what’s really going on in the mysterious desert dream world you’re trapped in.

Bitter Tides is set in a nightmarish dream world made of half remembered incidents, where monsters of the fallen abyss crawl aimlessly. The full version of Bitter Tides will contain stealth action … Read More