Lofi Ping Pong – Alpha Demo

Lofi Ping Pong is a stylish rhythm action ping pong game where you hit the ball in time with lofi music tracks in laid back pixel art ping pong courts.

In Lofi Ping Pong you face off against opponents and attempt to beat them by rallying the ball for the length of the song that’s playing. There are 7 different songs to choose from, all … Read More

Lifing – Alpha Demo

Lifing is a stylish tactical turn-based card game with roguelike elements where you explore floating hex tile-based planets and use your collection of monsters to conquer them.

The full game of Lifing will see you selecting one of eight playable heroes (each with their own deck, guardian and upgradeable spaceship), then embarking on a campaign that takes you across the galaxy, with wild creatures, minibosses … Read More

Gravity Ace – Alpha Download

Gravity Ace is a tricky 360° space shooter that draws inspiration from Thrust and Gravitar as you pilot your little spaceship on dangerous missions with very limited fuel.

The current build of Gravity Ace features three main levels and it also has a level editor that allows you to make your own. You control a little fighter ship that has to descend into caverns, retrieve … Read More