Blazing Core – Alpha Key Giveaway (Steam)

We have 1000 more Steam Alpha keys to give away for Blazing Core, so more players can jump in a Mech Knight and do battle in tactical 3v3 warfare.

As we mentioned during the last giveaway, Blazing Core is a tactical mech combat game that allows you to take control of a variety of heavily armed mech as fight in 3v3 MOBA-esque battles. … Read More


BEAT THE ART BREAKER is a stylish third person pixel art beat-em up that sees you exploring a strange urban fantasy 3D world and beating up any monsters that get in your way.

There’s no narrative or tutorial in BEAT THE ART BREAKER yet, you simply explore the world and figure out how it works by yourself. The combat is fairly simple – you can … Read More

Project Wingman – Alpha Demo

Project Wingman is a very impressive air combat flight sim with gorgeous visuals and easily accessible controls that allow you to jump in and take to the skies for some epic dogfights.

The current build of Project Wingman gives you access to two missions and two different fighter planes (The Sk.27 and the F/E-18). The planes have customisable weapon loadouts and the missions contain a … Read More