Under The Rain – Alpha Demo

Under The Rain is a creepy Resident Evil-esque survival horror adventure that sees you exploring a cursed city and attempting to to survive the grotesque Lovecraftian horrors that inhabit it.

In Under The Rain you take on the role of Randolph Carter, a young man who was summoned by a mysterious stranger to return to Arkham – an abandoned and cursed city that’s filled … Read More

Tiaki – Alpha Download

Tiaki is a fun little game that sees you attempting to protect your life source from raiders by pounding them into the ground with your giant stone hands!

In Tiaki you control two giant hands with the left and right control sticks of your controller, with you able to move them around the play area then press the corresponding trigger buttons to smash them into … Read More

Demon Sluga – Alpha Demo

Demon Sluga is essentially Metal Slug reimagined as a beat ‘em up, with fighting game style movesets, four playable characters and battles with some ridiculously OTT bosses.

Created in OpenBOR, Demon Sluga swaps tanks and guns for combos, special moves and counters as you punch, slice and blast your way through Metal Slug themed levels. There are four playable characters, each with their own preferred … Read More