Critters For Sale – Alpha Download

Critters For Sale is a surreal, stylish and sinister narrative adventure that starts with you getting a text from Michael Jackson and just gets weirder from there!

Playing like a black and white 1-bit point and click adventure/visual novel, Critters For Sale takes you on a wild ride that touches on themes of black magic, immortality and time-travel. The full game will comprise of five … Read More

HoverGrease – Alpha Download

HoverGrease is a fast, fun furry multiplayer twin-stick arena shooter that pits genetically modified humanoid influencers against each other as they attempt to earn their freedom from the nefarious company that created them.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta Sign Up, HoverGrease is essentially a fast paced multiplayer twin-stick arena shooter for furries. It’s set in a future where a company … Read More