Darwin Project – Open Beta

Darwin Project is now in Open Beta, so players can join in its fresh take on the Battle Royale survival genre.

Darwin Project isn’t like most Battle Royale games, so much so that calling it a Battle Royale game may be doing it a disservice. Instead of PUBG’s frantic 100 player bloodbath, Darwin Project features 10 player matches that with bows and axes and … Read More

Deceiver – Beta Demo Sign Up

Deceiver is a very stylish ‘Philosophical Shooter’ that sees you fighting and stealing resources within in a TRON-inspired cyberworld, as you attempt to scrape enough cash together to escape the planet before a cataclysmic event.

Based on a 2014 game jam prototype, Deceiver blends first person parkour, terminal hacking and third person three dimensional combat using spider drone that can stick to any … Read More

Feudal Alloy – Beta Demo Sign Up

Feudal Alloy is a fantastic looking new metroidvania action RPG in which you take a goldfish controlled robot on an epic adventure in a beautiful hand drawn medieval world.

Feudal Alloy is set within a wonderfully weird medieval world populated by fish controlled robots. You take control of one such robot who, after his village is ransacked by outlaws, grabs a sword and sets out … Read More