Orc Colony – Alpha Download

Orc Colony is a very addictive management sim that allows you to build a massive underground orc colony, with you mining for valuable resources, forging weapons, fulfilling requests for your king and raiding nearby human settlements.

In Orc Colony you are placed in charge of your own underground orc settlement, from which you can build a massive sprawling mining system. As you dig through the … Read More

Fuel Renegades – Beta Download

Fuel Renegades is a fast paced WipEout-esque futuristic antigrav racing game with a focus on boosting, trailing and using Mario Kart-style powerslides.

In Fuel Renegades you race a selection of anti-gravity racers around a variety of neon-filled futuristic tracks in online multiplayer, local split-screen multiplayer, championships and custom races. There are no weapons and you can’t blow up your vehicle, but you can … Read More

Fight Corp. – Beta Demo

Fight Corp. is a thoroughly bizarre ps2-era styled third person action adventure that sees you attempting to rise through the ranks of a company that’s built 100% on violence – so to earn those promotions you’ll have to beat the crap out of those above you!

In Fight Corp. you take on the role of Mitch Metello, a new employee at Fight Corp. – a … Read More