Woodsy – Game Jam Build

Woodsy is a short and spooky first person puzzle adventure in which you explore some creepy woods, talk to freaky monsters and try to track down your house keys.

In Woodsy you start the game standing outside your woodside cabin, but with no keys to let yourself in. To track down the keys you’ll have to explore the spooky forest and chat to the grotesque … Read More

FetchQuest Rally – Game Jam Build

FetchQuest Rally is a silly fusion of fast paced fetch questing and rally driving which sees a grumpy gnome assisting a rude rally driver.

In FetchQuest Rally you take on the name of Bucket – a gnome who pops up into existence inside a rally car in the middle of a race. The rally driver is a bit unfriendly to say the least, but he … Read More

Jorry – Alpha Demo

Jorry is a surreal point and click survival horror adventure that sees you trapped in an icy cold building with monsters that thrive in sub zero temperatures and a mysterious little girl that seems to know you.

In Jorry you take control of Claire, a young woman who wakes up tied up in a strange room, with no memory of who you are or why … Read More

Loot Box Simulator – Game Jam Build Download

Loot Box Simulator is the true future of gaming – an evolution of EA’s ‘innovative’ game design that removes all the unnecessary garbage like gameplay and narrative, instead focusing on what’s really important – grinding, spending cash and opening loot boxes to level up your stats!

Loot Box Simulator plays like a 3D physics based incremental clicker. You start with one loot box which you … Read More

The Tower of Tortenna – Game Jam Build Download

The Tower of Tortenna is a beautiful, chilled out first person puzzle adventure that sees you exploring a deserted tower, searching for keys to activate a mysterious machine and figuring out what happened to the tower’s previous occupants.

Your main objective in The Tower of Tortenna is to find the four keys hidden around the tower and figure out where to place them to activate … Read More