InSomnia – Prologue Download


InSomnia, being created by Mono, is a dark, retro-futuristic RPG title that features gorgeous and gritty Unreal Engine 4-powered visuals, a killer musical score, lots of interaction and on the fly combat.

In the InSomnia Prologue you play as a gun for hire named Typer. You receive a call from ‘an old friend’ that gives you details on a package that he wishes for … Read More

The Morgue – Alpha Demo

The Morgue game

The Morgue is an extremely creepy, suspense-filled survival horror game set in an abandoned morgue, infested with rats, decay and inhuman creatures.

In The Morgue you play through the eyes of the main character. You awaken to a voice giving you instruction to find a radio transceiver out in the near by courtyard. Once found the person on the other end tells you in detail … Read More

Power Bomberman – Alpha Download

power bomberman

Power Bomberman is an uplifting fan made Bomberman game that brings back the good old days when blowing up your friends was extremely fun and super satisfying.

Power Bomberman, Being created by a bunch of people over on the Bomberman Board (link below), is an extremely impressive fan made version of the 1983 classic retro game that brings chaos, explosions and lots of laughs … Read More

Beatdown Dungeon – Alpha Demo

beatdown dungeon game

Beatdown Dungeon is a fun blend of dungeon crawling RPG goodness and fast paced blazblue style 2D fighting that sees you exploring randomly generated dungeons and engaging in 1-on-1 match-ups against strange monsters and skilled fighters.

Phil (WurstBrotPhil) has done an incredible job of melding two distinct genres into one fabulous fusion. You play as two different characters, both of which have stumbled into a … Read More

Kite – Alpha Download

Kite game

Kite is a very impressive dungeon crawling bullet hell sci-fi action RPG wrapped up in the shell of a classic twin stick shooter in which you play an augmented human soldier in a world that had found peace – until a recent robot uprising that you have to contend with.

Kite gets it’s name from the gaming term ‘kiting’ – the act of running away … Read More