HAL Docking Simulator – Game Jam Build

HAL Docking Simulator, a 2001: A Space Odyssey themed spaceship dating simulator made in a game jam at the London College of Communication, has you attempt to chat up other ships so you can dock with them.

In HAL Docking Simulator you take on the role of HAL, sent on a mission by Dave to gain information about other ships. You can do this … Read More

Mating Season – Game Jam Build Download

Mating Season, an adorable matchmaker game made for the Agility – a Game Jam Performance, sees you playing Cupid for a variety of weird and wonderful animals, then watching as they create some even weirder offspring!

Lots of bizarre animals can be seen wandering around in the huge land of Mating Season. Some are animals that you may recognize; foxes or bears. … Read More

Feather – Game Jam Build Download

Feather, a short and sweet little musical puzzler has you trying to repeat the melodies you hear as you make your way up through a broken birdcage.

In Feather you are a trapped little bird, slowly moving up and out of a cage in a tree. You move slightly, then stop to mimic the sounds you hear. These notes are at four different pitches, … Read More

What Kills You Makes You Stronger!! A Magician’s Quest for Immortality – Game Jam Build

What Kills You Makes You Stronger!! A Magician’s Quest for Immortality, a ZX Spectrum-styled platformer made for the 365 Indies Jam 2017, has you absorbing the powers of the monsters that kill you!

You are a wizard who is stuck in death’s dungeon. Everything around you can kill you, however, as a wizard, you do have a very special power. Each time you die, … Read More

Morino Monster – Game Jam Build

Morino Monster, a clever little adventure game made for the A Game By It’s Cover Jam 2017, has the light in your room controlling the day and night cycle in a world full of monsters!

Thats right, in Morino Monster, your own light switch is a part of the game. You are a hero, living in a tent far from home. You are … Read More