Morino Monster – Game Jam Build

Morino Monster, a clever little adventure game made for the A Game By It’s Cover Jam 2017, has the light in your room controlling the day and night cycle in a world full of monsters!

Thats right, in Morino Monster, your own light switch is a part of the game. You are a hero, living in a tent far from home. You are … Read More

Railcar Revenue – Game Jam Build Download

Railcar Revenue, a chaotic train management adventure made for the GM48, sees you trying to earn as much money as you can while dealing with bandits in the Wild West!

You are the owner of a train which you can add train cars to in order to bring more cargo between stations. There are three different types of train cars; passenger cars, upper class … Read More

Pictures Of – Game Jam Build Download

Pictures Of, a heartfelt narrative made for the Warsaw Film School Game Jam III, has you choosing what means more to you, as you balance long term goals with quality family time as a 40-year-old adult.

In Pictures Of you play Helen, a woman whose dream is to be a photographer of more than just stock photos. You have a family, a daughter and … Read More

7 Deeds – Game Jam Build Download

7 Deeds Game Download

7 Deeds, a creepy pixelated horror game made for the LowRezJam, has you attempting to survive in a monster filled home for 7 whole days!

In 7 Deeds you control Stan, a little 10 year old boy alone in his monster filled home. Despite the monsters creeping around your rather large home, you must survive each night until 9:30, when they move onto their … Read More

Pioneer Peril – Game Jam Build Download

Pioneer Peril Game Download

Pioneer Peril, an Oregon Trail style adventure game made for the GM48, has you attempting to survive in the wild west, where resources are limited and trolls are abundant!

In Pioneer Peril, you are in charge of your wagon which is moving forward on a trail. This wagon holds all of your supplies as well as your family. You start off with a … Read More