LUCAH – Pre-Alpha Demo


LUCAH is a very stylish and challenging nightmarish action RPG with beautiful minimalist visuals and tactical combat reminiscent of the Dark Souls series.

The current build os LUCAH focuses on the combat, pitting you against a increasingly deadly enemies in a series of kill rooms. After you kill a set amount of enemies you’ll get a choice of upgrading your health or your mana, or … Read More

Table Monster 食べモンスター – Game Jam Build Download

Table Monster

Table Monster 食べモンスター, a strange Sumo Wrestler feeding game made for the Create Jam, see’s you attempting to cram as much food as possible into your weird floppy mouth!

You control the top half of a Sumo Wrestler an in order to stay big and strong, you’re planning to devour some food! Unfortunately, it seems that you are unable to use your hands to … Read More

Hartacon Tactics – Alpha Download


Hartacon Tactics is an impressive isometric turn-based strategy role-playing game that focuses on deterministic mechanics. It has a beautiful looking art-style, smooth animations, and deep strategic gameplay, via offline singleplayer or online multiplayer.

There’s plenty of depth to Hartacon Tactics, with lots of different characters with unique actions and abilities, different weapons and spells to use, character customization and upgrades. You can also customize … Read More

Stargate Network – Prototype Download

stargate network game

Stargate Network is an impressive fan made game completely based in the Stargate universe. It’s an online multiplayer role-playing game where the events, plants, creatures, and characters, that are in the movies and in the TV series, are recreated for players to experience for themselves.

It’s still very early in development, so at the moment, you can walk around the main station on Earth, Stargate … Read More

HASTE – Prototype Download


HASTE is a wonderful speed-run focused first person parkour game where speed really is of the essence.  Stop moving and time moves normally, but continue running and time slows down to a bullet-time style crawl.

Due to the many hazards, you’ll die a lot in HASTE, but this just pushes you to do better next time, with it’s addictive one-more-go mentality.  The areas are … Read More