Entomophobia – GameJam Build


Entomophobia is a GameBoy styled Ludum Dare 31 twin-stick blaster that has the player collecting power-ups and defeating waves of icky arthropods on a single chaos-filled screen.

This game, which looks just like it is being displayed on a GameBoy Color, has the player controlling the main and only character and their crossbow. With this crossbow, you must destroy waves and waves of huge bugs. … Read More


big joy

Joylancer is a fast paced and fun platform game that revels in it’s monochrome retro glory.

Your Legendary Motor Knight is gifted with incredible power and superhuman dexterity, making him a very agile and formidable fighter and making Joylancer a very enjoyable slice of retro platforming.  It’s visual style is obviously reminiscent of early Gameboy games and is a great homage to classic platformers, with … Read More