Even The Stars – GameJam Build

Even The Stars

Even The Stars is a space exploration game with no objectives, quests or story-lines.  You simply wander through space without a purpose, exploring alien planets, discovering strange landmarks, getting lost, getting old and eventually passing away.

You control the movement of your ship with the mouse and keyboard but other actions require you to type commands, such as ‘warp’ or ‘disembark’.  When you come across … Read More



Banana Jam is a fun new game jam from Nerd Monkeys in partnership with IPCA, in which, any member of public can submit a game idea no longer than 140 characters long (for tweeting purposes), with the best game idea being made into a full game by a group of young developers.

All game ideas submitted will be voted on in the Banana Jam poll, … Read More


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 20.02.05

Only If is a great looking first person exploritive puzzle game that tasks you with escaping a large (and rather creepy) house that your character woke up in after having a few to many drinks the night before.

It’s a short game (around 10 mins) created in an 8 day gamejam, that features some pretty inventive puzzles and a great atmosphere.  A particular standout is … Read More