Tunche – Kickstarter Demo

Tunche is a side scrolling beat ‘em up adventure with fluid combat, roguelike elements, skill trees and beautifully animated hand-drawn artwork.

Playable with one to four players, Tunche is a 2D beat-em up adventure set within a magical Amazonian jungle, which sees you fighting your way through hordes of beasts in search of the Tunche – a mythical creature “of no discernible shape that confronts … Read More

Re:Maze – Game Jam Build

Re:Maze is a chilled out First person puzzler that sees you laying markers to help you escape a maze within 80 steps.

In Re:Maze you find yourself trapped within a beautifully rendered 3D maze. You only have 80 steps to try and make it out before you respawn in a random location and have to start again, but you can spray markers on the walls … Read More

Lens – Prototype Download


Lens is a first person exploration/puzzle game that takes place on a mysterious island, where two parallel worlds are separated by a thin glass of reality.  While playing the game you are able to pierce through this glass and look into this other parallel world using an ancient artifact called ‘The Lens’.  Not only can you use it to see the other parallel world, but … Read More