Rage In Piece – Beta Demo


Rage In Piece is a fabulously frustrating and rage-inducing side scrolling action puzzle game in which you have to memorize the locations of all manner of horrific hidden traps as you attempt to get your character home so in one piece – so he can fulfil his lifelong dream of dying peacefully in his bed.

In Rage in Peace you control an ordinary and unassuming … Read More

Winds of Revenge – Game Jam Build Download


Winds of Revenge is a very tricky physics based puzzler/flying game in which you attempt to pull of miraculous trick shots as you hurl paper planes at your boss from all around the office.

You are a disgruntled employee who has decided to lash out at their boss as any normal person would do – by throwing paper planes at their head! This starts off … Read More

Tanki X – Open Beta


Tanki X is a online multiplayer tank combat game that we first featured during the Closed Beta that forgoes gritty realism for fast, fun and spectacle-filled tank-on-tank combat.

Tanki X adopts a more fast paced and arcadey feel than the super serious World of Tanks and War Thunder franchises, with a focus on responsive controls, big explosions and fun gameplay. Each tank is made up … Read More

Sticky Boy – Student Project Download


Sticky Boy is a wonderfully wacky action platformer in which you control a boy who can instantly ragdoll and stick his hands and feet to the scenery, using it to propel him across the land in search for coffee beans to impress the village elder.

Sticky Boy plays like a normal action platformer game, with obstacles and lots of collectibles, but there’s one big difference … Read More