Wave Run – Game Jam Build Download

wave run game

Wave Run, a stylish and super tough pixel art platformer made for the Global Game Jam 2017, sees you using a water powered jetpack to propel yourself around fiendishly designed levels.

Wave Run is a super fast paced platformer that challenges you to not only beat each section, but to beat it as fast as possible. This is no easy task, as the time … Read More

Voice – Game Jam Build Download

Voice game

Voice is a short but curious game made for the Global Game Jam 2017, that has you exploring a small area and attempting to communicate with your tone-based voice.

In Voice you can walk and talk. Talking is quite unique, you have 4 keys that are different pitches that you can use individually or together to create your voice. It sort of ends up sounding … Read More

BlindBlade – Game Jam Build Download

BlindBlade game

BlindBlade, a action game made for the Global Game Jam, sees you controlling a blind ninja who uses echolocation to track and kill his enemies!

You are a ninja who has no vision of the world around you. You can use sound waves to detect the enemies and threats that are around you though, with you sending sound waves out and watching as they … Read More

IS(VR)LE – Game Jam Build Download


IS(VR)LE, a mysterious little first person puzzler, made for the global game jam, has you solving strange puzzles to get off a beautiful low poly island.

You have appeared on an island. Around you, there are various boulders, a podium and a painting of dogs playing poker. You must figure out how to leave this island (and no, walking into the water is not … Read More