Fidelio – Game Jam Build Download


Fidelio, a short, spiritual narrative made for the Global Game Jam, in which you face your sins.

You start off this game by going through a door to a strange temple. Unsure of what is going on, you walk up to the only person there. Each door leads to one person, asking a question regarding the sins you have committed. You are able to … Read More

Swallow – Game Jam Build Download


Swallow, a short, slightly unsettling game made for the Global Game Jam 2016, shows the importance of following your daily routine.

Most people tend to stick to a ritual-like morning routine. Each day, you wake up and do the same things; brush your teeth, put on a pot of coffee, take your pills, take a shower, and drinking your coffee. Each day these tasks … Read More

A Normal Lost Phone – Game Jam Build

a normal lost phone

A Normal Lost Phone, an interesting game with a LGBT narrative made for the Global Game Jam 2016, has you exploring a cell phone you have found and attempting to discover what happened to its owner.

You’ve found a cell phone that belonged to a person named Sam. Sam seems to have many texts from both friends and family, as well as a few … Read More

Ritual Ware – Game Jam Build Download

ritual ware

Ritual Ware, a Wario Ware-Style Game made for the Global Game Jam 2016, has you quickly going through your daily routine and carrying out some increasingly bizarre tasks.

In this short but super fun game, you are a playing a perfectly normal man. He is going about his completely normal and not at all demon-esque day. As fast as you possibly can, you … Read More

Ritu-Blah-Blau – Game Jam Build Download

ritu blah blau

Ritu-Blah-Blau, an endless multitasking walker made for the Global Game Jam 2016, has you keeping up with your social network and avoiding obstacles while walking down the sidewalk.

You just have bought your first smartphone! Now, you are able to connect to 4G and use your phone to socialize with your besties via Gazebook. Much like a popular website with a similar name, … Read More