Kairos – Student Project Game

Kairos is a beautiful, intense and thought provoking psychological narrative adventure where you control a flicker of light in the mind of a young girl whose inner demon is twisting memories of a traumatic event and pushing her to the brink of suicide.

Ever seen an old Tom & Jerry cartoon or 90’s sitcom where an angel appears on one shoulder of a person and … Read More

Toodee and Topdee – Game Jam Build

Toodee and Topdee is a very cleverly crafted puzzler on which one character who is in a 2D platformer and one character who is in a top down puzzler work together in the same screen!

In Toodee and Topdee you take control of Toodee (a character from a 2D platformer) and Topdee (a character from a top down puzzler) whose games get mashed up due … Read More

#GIFingAround – Beta Sign Up (Desktop & Mobile)


It may come as no surprise that we love GIFs at Alpha Beta Gamer.  So what better than a game created entirely from them?  #GIFingAround is a fun cross platform party game that allows you to use any GIF from the Internet to create the funniest response to a statement.

A little like Cards Against Humanity but with GIFs, each round starts with a player … Read More