Gigantic – Open Beta (PC & Xbox One)


Gigantic is a gorgeous looking 3rd person team based MOBA in which teams fight alongside their massive guardian, whilst attempting to destroy the opposition and their guardian.

In Gigantic players can choose from 16 unique heroes, each with their own special skills and attributes which can be upgraded throughout a match. Teams battle each other, claiming points across the map which can be used to … Read More

Gigantic – Beta Sign Up (Xbox One & PC)


Gigantic is a great looking 3rd person 5 on 5 arena action game that we first covered when it was in Alpha last year, in which teams battle alongside gigantic guardians, capable of crushing enemies with a single blow.

In essence Gigantic is a MOBA that plays like a third person shooter with huge monsters and has gorgeous Pixar-quality visuals.  A little like Atari’s MinimumRead More