Cooking With SATAN – Game Jam Build Download

Cooking with satan

Cooking With SATAN, a cooking game made for the Global Game Jam 2016, has you mixing all manner of weird ingredients as you make cupcakes with Satan!

You are looking to make some delicious cupcakes in the only way you know how; by sacrificing items to Satan! You must collect strange ingredients from around your house to make the cupcake shown on the computer … Read More

Repeat – Game Jam Build Download


Repeat, a puzzle platformer made for the Global Game Jam, has you replaying the same level over and over again, but with a different rules – from low gravity moon physics to playing in pitch black.

In Repeat, your goal is to fetch key and then return to the door. There are some easy to avoid spikes, a button that pushes you upwards, … Read More

Fancy Cat – Game Jam Build

fancy cat

Fancy Cat is a simple, cute and very addictive little game made for Global Game Jam 15, that tasks you with rotating an adorable (and dangerously obese) space cat so that is can eat lots of sweets, cakes, fast food and other confectionary while deflecting bombs, rocks and rockets with it’s tail.

It’s an easy to pick-up-and-play game with intuitive controls – your rotund feline … Read More

60-Second Streaker – GameJam Build

60 second streaker

60-Second Streaker, a game made for the Global Game Jam 15, wants you to destroy as much of your town as you can just by being naked.

You have woken up and are naked. Not sure how that’s happened, but you have decided the best thing to do is to run around outside, naked, causing as much havoc as you can in 60 seconds. … Read More

Apocalypse Gardening – Game Jam Build Download

apocalypse gardening

Imagine a radial shooter where you’re a blob person in the apocalypse where your life and water are constantly running out and the two of them are your only sources for survival.

This is Apocalypse Gardening, where players are trapped in a small desolate map, constantly pummeled by pink blobs and the only way to stay alive is to blast them with water while … Read More