Tape Escape – Game Jam Build Download

Tape Escape, a unique and challenging platformer made for the GM48: One Tool, Many Options has you using your trusty tape measure to fling and fly your way towards the top of a construction site.

In Tape Escape you are a construction site working who is never without their trusty industrial tape measure. Towards the middle of your day, you have made it all … Read More

PokeyPoke – Game Jam Build Download

PokeyPoke, a challenging spear-throwing platformer made for the GM48: One Tool, Many Options, sees you using your spear for many different purposes – jumping higher, moving along walls, traversing ceilings, bouncing over spikes and even deflecting bombs!

In PokeyPoke, you explore a large world, collecting purple coins and blue stars. These objects are in various places dotted around and you can see how … Read More

Boozy Blundering – Game Jam Build Download

Boozy Blundering, a narrative driven game made for the GM48: One Shot, has you trying to convince a group of people that you are drunk after only one shot of booze!

You have just taken one single shot at the bar and want to convince random people that you are drunk! This isn’t as easy as you think it might be – the people … Read More

Railcar Revenue – Game Jam Build Download

Railcar Revenue, a chaotic train management adventure made for the GM48, sees you trying to earn as much money as you can while dealing with bandits in the Wild West!

You are the owner of a train which you can add train cars to in order to bring more cargo between stations. There are three different types of train cars; passenger cars, upper class … Read More

Pioneer Peril – Game Jam Build Download

Pioneer Peril Game Download

Pioneer Peril, an Oregon Trail style adventure game made for the GM48, has you attempting to survive in the wild west, where resources are limited and trolls are abundant!

In Pioneer Peril, you are in charge of your wagon which is moving forward on a trail. This wagon holds all of your supplies as well as your family. You start off with a … Read More