Railcar Revenue – Game Jam Build Download

Railcar Revenue, a chaotic train management adventure made for the GM48, sees you trying to earn as much money as you can while dealing with bandits in the Wild West!

You are the owner of a train which you can add train cars to in order to bring more cargo between stations. There are three different types of train cars; passenger cars, upper class … Read More

Pioneer Peril – Game Jam Build Download

Pioneer Peril Game Download

Pioneer Peril, an Oregon Trail style adventure game made for the GM48, has you attempting to survive in the wild west, where resources are limited and trolls are abundant!

In Pioneer Peril, you are in charge of your wagon which is moving forward on a trail. This wagon holds all of your supplies as well as your family. You start off with a … Read More

The Last Level – Game Jam Build

The Last Level Game Download

The Last Level, a rage inducing hardcore Super Meat Boy-esque platformer made for the GM48, has you attempting to get to the top of the tower filled with spikes, enemies, and many challenges.

This is not a normal, easy to scale tower.  This is a tower you’d expect to find right at the end of a Super Meat Boy-style hardcore precision platformer. … Read More

Hoag’s Journey – Game Jam Build Download

Hoags Journey

Hoag’s Journey, a fun blend of side scrolling action, vertically scrolling shmup’ and resource/time management made for the gm48, see’s you blasting enemies for cash, which can be used to build your ship which you pilot in the final section of the game!

In Hoag’s Journey, you are stuck on a hostile planet full of aliens who are attempting to kill you. Your … Read More

Enter the Black Hole – Game Jam Build Download

Enter The Black Hole

Enter the Black Hole, a space shooter made for the gm(48) – Space Jam, has you sacrificing your crewmembers for the greater good as you venture into a black hole to learn more of the mysteries of the galaxy.

A black hole has appeared in Earth’s reach. Going out and exploring the black hole is a dangerous mission, but you have always said … Read More