Greed – Beta Demo

Greed is a beautifully animated Soulsian 2D action RPG adventure set in a dealy land that’s been beset by plague, barbarians and monsters.

In Greed you take on the role of a lone knight who is one of the few forces of good in a land that’s fallen to plague and corruption. The gameplay feels very Soulsian, with melee based combat, a stamina bar and … Read More

Greed – Alpha Demo


Greed is a fun dwarf mining dungeon crawler, inspired by The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky and Smash TV, that sees you exploring procedurally generated mines, fighting enemies and collecting precious metals.

As well as fun twin-stick style combat agains a variety of foes, there’s also a large emphasis on mining, with you able to mine through most walls in any direction and blast through tougher … Read More