Greetings – Game Jam Build

Greetings, a quirky QWOP-styled game made for the A Game By It’s Cover 2017, has you mastering secret handshakes to make friends with the guests at a rooftop party!

In Greetings you have arrived at the party your friend is hosting. It turns out everyone there has their own secret handshakes for you to mimic. These handshakes won’t be easy, but you will need … Read More

Greetings – Game Jam Build Download

Greetings Game Download

Greetings is a very short, atmospheric and surprising Unreal Engine 4 powered first person Sci-Fi experience that sees you exploring the interior of a futuristic spacecraft.

Greetings can be completed in under 2 minutes, so there’s not too much you can say about it without ruining the ending. The audio and visual design is fantastic throughout though, creating a tense and foreboding atmosphere as you … Read More