Hardline Gunner – Alpha Build


Hardline Gunner is a tough top-down arcade shooter with fast bullet hell gameplay, challenging enemies and stylish minamalistic visuals.

We first featured Hardline Gunner last year, and found it to be a blast.  The dev has just released a new build complete with 9 new levels and a boss fight.  It’s still a pretty tough game, but ultimately fair – if you die it’s … Read More

Hardline Gunner – Alpha Demo

hardline gunner

Hardline Gunner is challenging bullet hell top-down arcade shooter, with fast paced gameplay, line-of-sight mechanics, procedurally generated levels and a wonderful minimalistic visual style.

The game plays like a cross between a bullet hell shoot-em-up and Geometry Wars, but with the procedural generation and line-of-sight mechanics making things even harder, as you’re never sure what’s behind the next corner.  Hardline Gunner is a seriously … Read More