Hazelnut Bastille – Kickstarter Demo

Hazelnut Bastille is a Zelda inspired top-down action RPG adventure with puzzles, real-time combat and lots of secrets to discover as you explore its beautiful 16bit styled open world.

We actually covered an early build of Hazelnut Bastille last year and found it to be a very impressive Link to the Past-esque action RPG adventure. The latest build features an updated version of the … Read More

Hazelnut Bastille – Alpha Demo

hazelnut Bastille download

Hazelnut Bastille is a beautifully animated old school top down adventure game that draws inspiration from Link to the Past and Super Metroid, with you playing a young woman who searches an ancient civilization for answers after a great tragedy befell her.

The gameplay in Hazelnut Bastille is fondly reminiscent of Link to the Past, with you solving puzzles, discovering secrets, discovering new … Read More