Relapse – Alpha Demo

relapse 3

Relapse, a game being created by BluePrintGames, is an extremely atmospheric, psychological horror adventure with incredible world design and tricky puzzles that will keep you guessing.

The game centers around the Arcadia Asylum, an old building that is due to be demolished in the coming days to make way for a new project. As an Urban Blogger you decide to visit the asylum in … Read More

Room 404 – Alpha Demo

Room 404

Room 404, a game being created by 4 mates under the banner of 3DTM with help from Machine Bear Games, is a 3D Horror Puzzle game set in an eerie hotel on a stormy and bleak night. You play as Alex, a husband desperately trying to find answers as to why his wife had disappeared.

Prior to the events of the game Alex’s son … Read More