Rides With Strangers – Alpha Demo

rides with strangers

Rides With Strangers is an unsettling, first-person horror game that takes the killer combination of multitasking and jump scares as popularized by the Five Night’s At Freddy series and twists it to match a new creepy scenario: hitchhiking.

In Rides With Strangers, you play as a young woman named Elora as she heads out on her first major job interview after graduation. Her new … Read More

Dark Night: The Horror Game – Alpha Demo

Dark Night

Dark Night: The Horror Game, a game being created by NightHood Games, is a simplistic looking, but extremely creepy and jump scare filled survival horror game that will make your skin crawl and hands shake with fear.

You wake up at 1am, woken by strange sounds and stirring shadows. You light a candle to help see into the dark, that feels as though it’s … Read More

Amigdala – Alpha Demo


Amigdala, a game being created by Nova VR, is a 3D psychological horror primarily being made for Virtual Reality kits (but still playable on standard screens). The game has a creepy atmosphere while throwing you into a dimly light, cold and wet pipe system under the snowy mountains.

You’re instantly thrown into action, no title screen as of yet, as the game takes you … Read More

Delusion – Prototype Download


Delusion, a short prototype created by jaekkl, is a first person horror in which you explore a series of abstract low contrast areas filled with creepy creatures and surreal sights.

You start in a dark room, with the only light present coming from an open doorway. As you enter the door closes swiftly behind you, leaving you in a pure white corridor leading to … Read More

Song of Horror – Pre-Alpha Demo

song of horror 4

Song of Horror is a freaky third person permadeath survival horror game in which you play as one of 16 playable characters, venturing through a creepy lmansion filled with shadowy monsters lurking in the darkness.

Coming to Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One, Song of Horror blends old school third person horror gameplay reminiscent of Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness with modern game design … Read More