Hyperparasite – Kickstarter Demo

Hyperparasite is an 80’s styled twin-stick arcade roguelike where you control a Venom-esque alien parasite that can inhabit the bodies of its enemies and use their skills in combat.

We first featured Hyperparasite on Alpha Beta Gamer last year while it was a prototype and were very impressed with the fast paced twin-stick action and parasitic body-swapping abilities. This latest build feels like a … Read More

HyperParasite – Prototype Download

HyperParasite is an 80’s inspired top down shooter in which you control a parasite that can jump between bodies of humans and steal new bodies if the old ones are harmed too much!

World War III is nearly over, Earth is trying to rebuild all that it has lost and is hopeful for the future. Everything seems like it is going to be okay, until … Read More