Fortnite Battle Royale – Beta Sign Up (Android)

Android owners are finally getting in on some Fortnite Battle Royale action, with players able to sign up for the Beta and Samsung Galaxy owners able to download and play right now!

Previously only available on every other gaming system on the planet, Android owners are finally getting to join in the Fortnite Battle Royale fun. It’s taken less than a year from going from … Read More

Corona Black – Alpha Demo

Corona Black is a black and white Anime-styled adventure that sees you taking part in turn based mech battles as you attempt to win the prestigious Final Fortnight tournament.

The narrative of Corona Black sees you taking on the role of Dominique Shade, an ex-gangster who has left his family to go in search of some excitement and meaning to his life. He soon finds … Read More

Refracted Fate – Prototype Download

Refracted Fate is an intriguing sci-fi puzzle adventure with horror elements, which sees you attempting to escape from a secret military research facility that’s been hacked to make all the automated defenses hostile to everyone that works there (including you!)

In Refracted Fate you take on the role of a worker at a secret research facility situated deep below the Alaskan mountains. The research facility … Read More