Tortoise Island – Game Jam Build

Tortoise Island is a beautiful and poignant little narrative experience where an old tortoise departs his knowledge to a young man who ends up shipwrecked on a desert island.

In Tortoise Island you take control of a young man who finds himself shipwrecked on an island with only a tortoise for company. The tortoise has been there all his life (tortoises can’t swim) and you’re … Read More

MineRalph – Beta Demo

MineRalph is an addictive and rage-inducingly tough mouse controlled physics based platformer that sees you using your momentum to make your way through its fiendishly designed levels.

In MineRalph you control Ralph, a big stone boulder creature that you move by clicking in the opposite of where you want to go (so if you want to jump up and to the right you click down … Read More

Quarantined: Viscerafest – Beta Download

Quarantined: Viscerafest is a fast paced old school run n’ gun FPS in which your wise-cracking hero who blasts her way through hordes of aliens and interdimensional beasts.

In Quarantined: Viscerafest you take on the role of Caroline Fetter, a wise-cracking Duke Nukem-esque hero who is on a quest to hunt down a wicked warlock and prevent him from merging our realm with the … Read More

Incubo – Alpha Demo

Incubo is a beautifully drawn Limbo-esque puzzle platforming horror adventure that sees a young boy lost in a nightmare as he tries to discover the truth about his family and who he is.

In Incubo you control a young boy whose father treats him badly and scolds him because he’s “not her”. You have no idea who this “her” is, but you may find … Read More