Quarantined: Viscerafest – Beta Download

Quarantined: Viscerafest is a fast paced old school run n’ gun FPS in which your wise-cracking hero who blasts her way through hordes of aliens and interdimensional beasts.

In Quarantined: Viscerafest you take on the role of Caroline Fetter, a wise-cracking Duke Nukem-esque hero who is on a quest to hunt down a wicked warlock and prevent him from merging our realm with the … Read More

Incubo – Alpha Demo

Incubo is a beautifully drawn Limbo-esque puzzle platforming horror adventure that sees a young boy lost in a nightmare as he tries to discover the truth about his family and who he is.

In Incubo you control a young boy whose father treats him badly and scolds him because he’s “not her”. You have no idea who this “her” is, but you may find … Read More

Horace – Alpha Demo

Horace is a heartwarming and beautifully crafted narrative based platforming adventure in which you take control of a naive young robot who is welcomed into the household of a caring family and learns about life.

In Horace you take control of Horace, a sentient, but naive little robot who moves in with a family in a large mansion. The father in the family in particular … Read More

Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld – Alpha Demo

Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld is a charming Sonic inspired platforming adventure that sees two cute little cats trying to find their way home after getting lost in a far-off realm.

Kyle & Lucy: Wonderland draws inspiration from Sonic CD, Sonic 3 and Knuckles and Sonic Pocket Adventure to deliver a delightful retro 2D platformer full of charm and fun level design. The movesets and momentum … Read More